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A new direction, a new start

By publishing my book on kindle, seeing that it will be a book sold to other but without exchanging with people, I’ve realized that it wasn’t what I expected.

I’m not a chef, I’m an ‘amateur’, I love cooking and want to share this passion with you, sharing love and talk with you.

So, I’ve decided to publish on this blog a recipe by day (the open day, on week-end will talk about few subject around vegan diet, if you want ;) )

But, first it will be free, and secondly you will be able to comment the articles, to tell us what your favorite ingredients you would add or change in this recipe, or with what other dish you could serve it etc...

I’m a non vegan, and I’d like to learn more about vegan diet, but only about the recipes it’ll be really about the cooking aspect, not a cause or Utopia :), just talking about food, about the pleasure to eat a dish without meat, eggs, or milk, because it’s both for vegan and non vegan, a kind of initiation :)

I sadly have no camera (my cell phone ‘died’ 3 months ago, I can’t have a new one for the moment :D ) so I really can’t take pictures, and my webcam : bad quality !!

So, I’ve decided to turn this ‘weakness’ into a great luck to share with you, and you, to share with me too.

Please feel free to read ‘pic us up’ article ;)

Altogether we can make it :)

Hand in hand, I wish we could share this experience :)

Like a famous quote said : “a stranger is just a friend we haven’t met yet” and life isn’t fun without friends :)

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