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Already vegan... Or almost :)

All vegan :


This week was dedicated in recipes already vegan (or almost) to show that we are all vegan, in a sense.

The crumble, shortbread and bannock are almost vegan, according to which type of margarine we use. This is why they’re almost vegan.


The idea of ‘All vegan, (vegan for all)’ is simple, I wanted to add a french touch to the title like musketeers : ‘all for one and one for all’, and say that we are one, no matter what we eat, we have the same blood, the same heart.

When we eat jam, sherbet, churros, soup (...) and so many other kind of recipes, we are all vegan.


Vegan for all :


One of the meaning of the second part of the title, is that we can make simple recipes with cheaper ingredients : flour, sugar and margarine (or oil). Only three ingredients, to make a lot of great recipes.

Vegan dishes are for everyone : vegan for all.

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