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Banana Split

Banana Split:



A sherbet is a sugar syrup with fruit, vanilla or chocolate.


Vanilla sherbet:


30 cl water

150 gr sugar

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1 vanilla sugar bag


* Boil the sugar and the water til you make a syrup (few minutes)

* Then add the vanilla extract and let it boil during 10 minutes.

* Let the mix cool and then put it on an ice cream maker during 25 minutes


Or like me, if you haven’t got an ice cream maker, put the sherbet in the freezer during 20 minutes, take the sherbet out of the freezer, mix during one or two minutes, put it again in the freezer for 20 minutes. Do it at least 4 times and then, leave the sherbet all night in the freezer.

Strawberries sherbet:


125 ml strawberrie juice

75 gr sugar

50 gr strawberries)


* In a saucepan, make a sirup with the strawberries juice and sugar. Mix both til it boil.

* Let's cool down and then add the fruits.


* If you want a perfect sherbet without pieces of fruits, just mix your strawberries before. * Personally I mix the half of the fruit, and let the other half with pieces.


* Repeat the same action as for the vanilla sherbet: ice cream maker during 25 minutes or in the freezer mixing all the 20 minutes.


Chocolate sherbet:


200 gr chocolate

50 gr sugar

1/2 liter of water


* Make syrup with the water and the sugar, like for vanilla and strawberries sherbet.

* Then, add the chocolate.


For the gourmand you can add few piece of chocolate cake.

Banana split:


* With your sherbet, make scoops of sherbet, from each flavor.

* Cut one banana in two and put one piece on each side of the scoops.


*Add some whipped cream.


In this version, there’re no ‘sauce’ with the scoops, but of course you can add some like you want.





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