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Debriefing 1

For the three first recipes, a lil debriefing.


Banana Split :


I really enjoy making the sherbet, and I love the strawberries and chocolate sherbets, but the vanilla sherbet was not enough sweet for a banana split, I think the taste is very pronounced, too much for this recipe, so personally I thought about a vanilla ice cream with almond milk maybe, to make it sweeter, and almond with banana, strawberries and chocolate, will be a nice mixed for a banana split ?

I think the vanilla sherbet will be great for an apple pie :)

For the sauce, I haven’t add recipes because, I just wanted to make the base of the banana split and let people imagined their sauces.

For the whipped cream, personally, I like the mixed with the other flavor, but if you have any suggestion please share with us.


My idea on the facebook page is : make your own banana split, with your sauce, and show us with a picture how it looks and what’s the flavor you choose :)

And the greedy person what you add to make it more greedy :D

Let’s just have fun, take risk by changing the classical flavor by your favorite one.


Minute Jam :


The idea for this recipe, make just a little dose of jam, to eat it for the snack. Sometimes, we don’t have the time to sterilize a jar, or maybe if we are a single person eating jam once by month, we don’t want to waste the food. So it was a lil idea to make life more simple :)


I choose to make a red wine/strawberries jam because I’ve just never tasted this flavor, and I wanted to share it with you, but it’s clear that for children, it’s maybe not THE recipe :D so I’ll work on new kind of jam.


During this time, if you have created or want to create original jam, don’t be shy, share the pictures and/or the recipes on the facebook page ;)

Rose Syrup :


The rose syrup is a classic, but I wanted to share it with you, to show to non vegan that syrup is ‘all vegan’, so everyone has a lil part of vegan inside.

The apple/cinnamon syrup is my creation, I’ve enjoyed working with tea bag to create few recipes, and this one I really like, because with tea bag of your choice you can create funny syrups for everyone, children like grown up :) it’s really cool.


So, if you want to test a syrup made with a tea bag, and ‘stage’ the tea time’, let your imagination take the control and share with us, for our pleasure of eyes :)





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