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Debriefing : Home-made theme

Debriefing :



Iced tea :


I really love iced tea, it’s surely one of my favorite drink, with cranberries juice.

I was really curious to see the different kind of iced tea I could find, and at least here in France, we have mango, lemon, peach, raspberries and manguo-pineapples, these are the flavors we can find in supermarket.

I wanted to make it by myself, to have some flavors that we can’t find in the supermarket, so I’ve decided to test a recipe, completely improvised.

And it was delicious, I really enjoyed iced tea ‘apple cinnamon’.


I make my iced tea without boiling water. I let it all night long, in the fridge.


What is the flavor you’d like to try ? I’m really curious to know too, is in your country you have other flavors of iced tea in your supermarket ? :)


Almond milk :


I’ve been inspired by few recipes on internet, and I post this one, made in my way, for you to have a recipe of a vegan milk, than you can do at home :)


You can use this recipe for nut milk too, it’s the same recipe, the same way :)


Milkshake :


Like for iced tea, I think milkshake is a funny and nice recipe to make with your children, it’s playful and they can taste a lot of different flavors.

Moreover, if your children or you, are intolerants in the lactose, the different vegan milk, for different milkshake can be a good way to replace ‘normal’ milk.

Be free to create a funny, incredible milkshake, with your children and  share it on facebook :)



Whipped Cream :


A coco nut cream, with sugar, as simple as a non vegan whipped cream, except maybe, that with coco nut the whipped cream sets easily.


I thought about a whipped cream with sweetened chestnut purée, have you ever tested ? With which recipes we can serve it ? :) share your recipes and pictures with us :)


Sugar Paste :


Because with sugar paste we can make so beautiful and incredible cake, we use it for wedding cakes etc... So, still in the idea of tolerance, I wanted to make a sugar paste for everyone, I’ve first tried with linseed, but the taste of linseed was mismatched with ice sugar, to decorate a cake !!

So I’ve tried with banana, who was sweeter.

For this special recipe, I’d really like to see what incredible creation you could make with a vegan sugar paste :) so once again feel free to share on facebook :)




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