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Eggs-free recipes

5 eggs-free recipes this past week.


I’ve noticed that french recipes are often made with eggs.

It was really difficult the first time, when I didn’t really know how to cook vegan dishes, because eggs (like milk) are two ingredients so present.


But, I’ve noticed too that eggs-free means ‘speed’. For example, my chocolate mousse without eggs, sets faster.

The same goes for the puff pastry, without eggs, only an hour to rest and then we use it.


Make a eggs-free recipe is not interesting only for vegan, but for the allergic persons too.


Moreover, to eat too much eggs is not good for health, above all for kidney. So, we need a just balance for the non vegan eating eggs.


The different way to replace eggs :


* My favorite : Banana, to replace eggs it’s perfect, and it’s sweet.

* Linseed : The ingredient maybe the most expensive, from all the recipes I’ve made, but looks like the egg yolk, so for a mayonnaise it’s great, and less calorie. Linseed is good for health, but the taste is really special, so even in the mayonnaise and few recipes, we don’t notice the taste, in a recipe like sugar paste, personally, I think it was not really good.

And you ? What do you use to replace eggs ? I know there’s a lot of other way to replace it :) but I’ve just tested these both there.

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Rocky Shepheard 24/06/2013 15:30