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Gelatin, Pectin...

Syrup of Sugar :


It’s fascinating to see all the recipes we can make with a simple syrup sugar as a base for other recipes.

Just two ingredients water and sugar : it shows that when we really want, we can make simple and delicious recipes, with few ingredients, not too expensive.


Gelatin, Pectin :


Vegan diet and gelatin is impossible, because of the pork used to make the gelatin, but for some people with their religion too, can’t eat sweets or things made with gelatin, and I think it’s really sad.

Above all, for one reason, who is really kept well : Althéa Officinalis, also known as “marshmallow”. Did you know that there was a time marshmallows were made with marshmallow roots. It was natural and vegan.

Moreover, the Althéa Officinalis is good for health. So, why did they change the way to make marshmallow ? Why don’t they use marshmallow roots for making sweets ?

For me, using marshamallow roots, it’s a question of tolerance, for vegan, like non vegan who can’t eat ‘pork’.


I hope someday we could make again sweets from marshmallow roots.


At the day of today, we’ve got agar-agar and pectin as gelling agent, but for my own experience, I can tell you than agar-agar is really good if you want to loose weight, and it’s not my case, so I can’t use it.

But I love using apple pectin for the jam, marshmallow etc...

And you ? What do you use to replace gelatin ? Have you got some cool recipes to share with us ? :) What do you think about ‘marshmallow roots’ ? :)

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