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Home-Made :




My wish is to see one day, vegan cook recognized as a culinary speciality. More than an ideology, vegan cook is delicious, class and there are so many challenge and possibilities.


And as you were able to see  in the course of the past weeks, for food allergies or intolerance, it’s a good way to replace, without privations, eggs, milk etc...


Home-made :


One of the advantage of this natural food is : a lot of recipes home-made.

Why ? Personnally, because it is the only way for me to be sure of the ingredient there are in what I eat.

But, vegan or non vegan, home-made food is cheaper, natural and above all we can add what we want in a recipe. We know what’s inside our dishes.

The only problem is for those who work and have not enough time to make home-made dishes. This is why I’ve thought about them with ‘minute jam’ or the iced tea who takes less than 5 minutes to be made since the rest of the time it’ll be in the fridge.


And you ? What do you think about home-made dishes ? :)


Recipes of the week :


For this first week of summer, I wanted to make home-made recipes cool and tasty, but playful to make it with your children during the vacation :)

About the vegan milk, what do you use to replace milk and dairies ?

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