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Syrup :)

Rose syrup



400 gr sugar

½ liter of water

A little handle of rose petal



* In the saucepan, boil the sugar and the water.

* Let slowly cook for 15 minutes.

* Then add the rose petals.


* Let all night long.


* Put the petals off and boil again.


* Then, put it in a bottle.




Apple/cinnamon syrup



125 gr sugar

⅛ liter of water

1 teabag apple cinnamon



* In a large bowl, put the water and the teabag.

* Let it in the fridge for one or two hours

* With the ‘tea’ water, in the saucepan boil it with the sugar.



You can choose all kind of teabag you wish to make your own flavor.

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