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My last article

There it is, I’m done for the recipes, you’ve got 33 recipes posted on the blog, a ‘back to basics’ for non vegan and/or new vegan. :)


During two years, I’ve put myself in the skin of a vegan, testing recipes, that I’ve adapted for most of them and created some.

The idea of this test is only about tolerance because vegan diet is a really interesting way to eat : for me, it was so sad to judge a person about the food eaten.

I’m a non vegan, I respect and love animals, but after two years, I know that I won’t become a vegan. But I love cooking vegan meals, it’s a delicious food, and it’s a challenge to create and/or adapt vegan recipes.


This blog is for everyone who wants to discover vegan diet, for the new vegan who don’t know where to start.

I consider myself like a translator :

For example, you speak english and you dream to read a famous french book, but you don’t know a single word of french, it’s cool to have translators who help us to read this famous book easily.

Yet, a translator doesn’t write the book, he adapted the book to an other language for people to read it.

For my blog is the same, I’ve adapted recipes, the only recipes I’ve created are the iced tea home-made, pizza toast, stuffed red and green peppers, western soup, apple cinnamon syrup and the custard cream for the Mille Feuille.

I wanted to adapt easily the ‘normal’ recipes of everyday into vegan recipes.


My interest for vegan diet is about another kind of tolerance too : People with food allergies (milk, eggs) can find recipes on my blog and in other vegan food blog.


But this blog defends no opinion :) I just wanted to share with you my experience, help the non vegan who wants to become vegan to find easy and cheap recipes and if you want to improve the recipes, feel free :) share your recipes too on the facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/AllVeganVeganForAll

Vegan Milkshake and vegan Cronut

Vegan Milkshake and vegan Cronut

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