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Menu 1

Without a theme for this week, I’ve made a kind of menu :)



We begin with :


Pizza Toast :


A simple and nice recipe, that I’ve created first as a non vegan recipe, I was home alone and I’ve tried to make a tasty recipe with the ingredients I have.

Since the recipe, was great,  in my opinion and taste :), I wanted to share it with you :)


It’s like a ‘pizza’ and a toast, and you could add what you want on it. And moreover, it’s fast to make.


For the vegan recipe, I’ve choosed mushrooms, potatoes and tomato sauce, and you ? What ingredients will you choose ? :)


Then, we make the sauce, for the main dish :


Béchamel :


I wanted to adapt this sauce because I really love it, for a gratin or with pasta, it’s really tasty.


I’ve chosen the coconut milk because it’s my favorite vegan milk, but I encourage you to try the same recipe with soy milk or rice milk ;)


The white sauce is an already vegan sauce, if you use a vegan margarine. This sauce is so good when we add cultivated mushrooms.


What sauce do you use for your gratin ?


Potatoes Crumble :


I wonder what will be the results with vegetables and crumble altogether, because the crumble is sweet, so I was curious to test the recipe.

When you mix the potatoes with the leeks, for a gratin you can add a bechamel sauce, it’ll be so yummy and tender/fondant.

And we finsih with the dessert :


Almond cream :


Like a béchamel, except that we add sugar, and we replace coconut milk by almond milk, it’s exactly the same way to do. Without flour, we have a kind of custard.

When we add fruits too, it’s really delicious. We can serve it with the chocolate cake, or we can bake it in a custard pie.


Chocolate cake :


A classic adaptation of a chocolate cake made with eggs, I replace eggs by linseed, and as a non vegan, let me tell you that the vegan chocolate cake it’s better than the one with eggs.

And once again, if you have eggs allergy, or just if we forget to buy eggs and we want to bake a cake, linseed is always good to have in our kitchen cupboard.

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