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Apple turnover

Apple turnover:



Puff pastry:


220 gr flour

200 gr margarine

60 gr of water


* Mix the flour with the margarine, then add the water.

* Let the paste rest during an hour.


Stewed apples


4 apples


* Put your apple peeled and cut in a saucepan. Put one or two tablespoons of water (for the apple to not stick into the pan)

* Mix til it begins to look like an apple 'purée' and mash the apples.

* When it's all done, I love adding a lil cinnamon or vanilla. It’s up to you.


Apples turnover:


* Roll the dough out, put some stewed apple and with a special mold for apple turnover, make your pastries.

* To make it goldy put either agave sugar or ice sugar.


* Put it in the oven for 40 minutes, at 180°C/350°F



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